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Fissoned Fusion


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Chris and I decided, as our first CD, to make it a 16 track package.
Here will be the 16th and final piece of the project.

Fissoned Fusion

These are all rough mixes and Chris has done a beautiful job re-mixing them, which are not available on my Soundclick.
It's sort of like watching a movie in traditional 2D then converting it to 3D.

So, if anyone is interesting in the finished package, please let us now.
Thank you....
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Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Good one Mike. You could have probably guessed that I'd like to be put on the list for a CD. The compilation is a pretty amazing effort for a first time collaboration. There is a definite style to all of this which holds it all together, but also enough variety to keep it from all be too similar.

Excellent work from both of you.

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