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Actually I have just tried my first You tube video.... I am not that proud of it... but we have to start some where...
The thing about this Video I am using my new MP (Datta) and the sound on the MkIV sound to my ear more like a MkIV should sound... ;}
See what you guys think... Sorry about the musical errors
I respect your opinion.. Now I hope this is the correct link
By the way video recorded on my IPhone4 :shocked:

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Datta Boy! So you would therefore recommend a Datta HR mpc.

Good sound.
Well Done
I don't seem to be able to make the link work it says video removed by user :w00t:
Watched it at last very nice too lovely tone I thought...all the best john
I just watched your video. I thought it was very good and I was surprised by the quality of the recording on your phone! Technology eh! The only thing that I didn't like was that it ended! I was just getting into it as well. I'd have liked to listen to the whole piece. Very nicely played.
Really enjoyed this. Thnks!

Where did you record? Intrigueing interior.
Very nice Saxade, nice tone and good feel.


All I can say is "SPOT ON" Adrian :welldone:welldone:welldone

I liked it saxade :welldone as said you should of shown more :) nice tone
Datta Boy! So you would therefore recommend a Datta HR mpc.

I don't know if I would recommend it "Per Se"... because everyone is looking for something different in a sound. I like this HR mpc for the dynamics. The Jody Jazz 6* I was using before seemed fine until I tried the Datta which had plenty more "Oomph" (if you wanted it) more like a metal mpc.
It's funny really I find the Jody Jazz 6* I have on the P Mauriet Alto absolutely fine. I find I have all the dynamics I need on that horn and I am satisfied with the set up.
On MkVI tenor I have to take in the intonation aspect ...I have trouble below & including low C.
I am thinking of trying the PPT.. the 7* (105") is the same as the Datta or do I go for the 8* ... That is the question... Can anyone help me with the answer or do I take the punt? :confused:

I just watched your video. I thought it was very good and I was surprised by the quality of the recording on your phone! Technology eh!

I should explain I used the Iphone for the video & recorded the sound with a Rode Nt1A Condenser Studio Mic.. through GarageBand

Where did you record? Intrigueing interior.

Yes ... Well the house where I live has a space downstairs that mirrors the rooms upstairs ... only that as you walk into it the roof space gets smaller & smaller. When Mum was alive we had the front part made into a flat for her and the middle room was storage.
Now I have turned that room into my music practice come recording studio. I had it sprayed with a polyurethane foam for added insulation... now the neighbours are protected ;}
My new Tenor MouthPiece

Just ordered my PPT 8* ... Looking forward to trying it ;}

PS I will be patient... (one of my failures according to my family)
G,day Saxade from across the ditch,

As your first youtube (and I'm no expert, tho I have looked at a few) I thought it was pretty good. Nothing wrong with that video either. Sound wise clear and clean. Showing a bit of techinical nouse mixing the video and the Rode mic track

The person to watch on youtube (and I have been for a long time) is craisydaisydoo, who sometimes posts on here.
A bit off video editing at the begining and end no doubt is maybe your next step up.

I think your performance would also be enhanced if you were not reading the music (this is something I'm also working on)
though craizydaiseydoo pretty much reads it too.

I'd be happy with that as a first foray into Youtube.

Well done Mate.

I am hoping to have a go myself in the near future, just eying up my first Mac, and see if I can match your attempt!

Cheers & Ciao
Nice and cool. Smooth. I too was amused by the interior, but now all is explained. I thought you were in a nuclear portakabin. Congrats on the video/sound recording too, I could not do that.
Thanks for that Jimu.... Especially for the heads up on "craizydaiseydoo" ... The little bit i have listened to so far ... Top Player! :welldone A lot of Stan Getz influence...
Very good sound for your frist video/recording looking forward to seeing some more thanks for the link

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