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Hi all i hope you are all wll? i am getting a tenor just for a little change its a[ buescher] not sure of model i think a 1960s. Any way what reed would i start on ? i have always used a r/r jazz 2m. on my alto. But as for tenor i am at a loss can anyone sugest what i should do. many thanks Tom


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Have been using 2.5s on my tenor, then changed mouthpiece and dropped from there, through 2 to 1.5.

At the same time I got an alto for messing with, and found a 3 on the stock (junk/closed) mouthpiece very easy to handle. So I agree with the comment, "It depends on the mouthpiece", but assuming a similar mouthpiece to your alto, I'd start off 0.5-1 weaker and go from there.


i am getting a tenor just for a little change its a[ buescher] not sure of model i think a 1960s.
Ooer! I have a Buescher Aristocrat, c.1931 (with the bell pads on the left hand side). It's a real beast to play and weighs a ton, but once you've shaken hands and made friends with it, it has such a gorgeous sound that you swear you'll never part with it.

My 'boy' came with a Lawton mouthpiece, on which I use a 2.5 Vandoren Java or JaZZ, depending on how in shape my embouchure is at the time. I find it gives a nice, dark tone to the sound, but still has that bit of an edge for solo stuff.

What it doesn't like - at all - is playing quietly. That's really hard work. I can play almost a whisper on my alto (Yamaha) and even on my soprano (very cheap Thomann), but trying to get the beastie boy to tone it down is like trying to silence a teenager on speed. Fun though! ;}
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I also agree that it depends on the mouthpiece.

If you have been playing an alto for any length of time, you should have some kind of sax chops.

I'd say start with a "2 1/2" and go from there.



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Agree with Kev that assuming all things are equal its best to start with a slightly softer reed than you are used to on alto.

On Alto I use 2.5 strength Francois Louis reeds, and 2 strength FL reeds on Tenor. Both mouthpieces have an 8 opening.

Hope you enjoy your Buescher - I've always been wary of buying an older sax, but play a 1960 Conn Connstellation cornet & a 1950 Olds Super Trombone - feel less can go wrong with a brass instrument due to absence of buttons. Hope it works out!

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