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First outing with Zoom H2


Petersfield, Hampshire
This is a bit of a test (for me). I recently bought a Zoom H2 and tried it for the first time last Friday in a very small pub, low roof, quite full of a noisy crowd.

The recording hasn't come out brilliantly and I guess that's more down to my set-up than the recorder. My sax wasn't miked but seems loud, my wife (vocals) was and seemed loud from where we were but not on the recording- also you can hardly hear the double bass which is a shame because he's great.

Also I've just logged onto a new site to load tracks, so this is a test that it works as well.

After that ramble here it is:

Appreciate hints and tips as ever on everything. Thanks.
Cool Jazz ...

Well Col - I went to muziboo and listened to your music ...

Which I think is just great - nice and relaxed and varied ... Great Band ... :w00t:

Your good lady has a great voice and style ...

I signed up for an account so I could leave you a comment there but alas the site did not allow me to comment - then said I couldn't login cos the name and email was already in use ... So the site you record to may need to be considered? :shocked:

The recordings sound very good considering the simple and low cost set-up -and the fact the pub was busy ...

Well done to all you guys ... :welldone
I enjoyed these. My sort of music. Pity about the background noise. Your wife has a great voice, and I love the way you interact with the sax. I think the Zoom's done a reasonable job in the circumstances, but it's a terrible environment for any type of recording.
Nice feel to the recording. My kind of music too. enjoyed it

These machines are very good for "capturing the moment" that can be difficult to recreate in a studio. I know there is background talking but this kinda adds to the atmosphere for me.

Our band did one last night at practice of a song we tried for the first time. Just popped one of those boss recorders down in middle of room and played. As you say difficult to get the mix right but the soul of the music just jumped out when we played it back.

Well Col, like the others have said, it really does catch the atmosphere of the gig. It's hard to comment on the sound quality or even the quality of the musicians on a machine like the H2 under these circumstances, levels are never how you would like them. However, if you take that into consideration, shut your eyes and just soak up the vibes, then you guy's produce the sort of sound that many bands strive for. Cool and laid back! Very nice mate, I hope you go from strength to strength.
Thanks for your kind comments everyone - you guys are so supportive and encouraging.

I think the Zoom will be a great asset, if only to record and listen to myself at home, though I've loads of ideas how we can improve the band mix for our next gig already. I think I'll try recording our next rehearsal using all 4 mics (both sides) so I can alter the balance - have bass and vocals one side and guitar and sax the other.

Great new toy though!
Hi Col, I've just bought one of those, but unlike yours, first attempt at recording one of the bands I play with, was a disaster. The settings must have been entirely wrong, as there was just to much distortion from the middle range of the lead guitar.
I hope soon to have as good a recorded sound as yours.
By the way, The first band I played in was "The Rocking Leopard Seven" from Hambledon. They were a "John Barry Seven" cover band working the south coast. That was in 1957 (Your grandfather might remember them!).
Keep up the good work.

Post script to my above,
I've been struggling to remember Petersfields claim to fame (it takes a long time for the tape to come round these days).
Of course it was that famous lass from the bookshop, Erica Roe, streeking at Twickers, 1982.
How time flies, doesn't it O.G.
Post script to my above,
I've been struggling to remember Petersfields claim to fame (it takes a long time for the tape to come round these days).
Of course it was that famous lass from the bookshop, Erica Roe, streeking at Twickers, 1982.
How time flies, doesn't it O.G.

You've just made my day. Being a rugby fan I remember Erica Roe well (I was young and impressionable at the time!). That bookshop is quite a place, it's owned by Pompey's most famous supporter who lives at the end of my road. He has a tendency to blow his bugle in town pubs whenever Pompey win, which (not being into football) I hear isn't that often.
Thanks Kev, I asked my recording engineer the question and she said no. She now is now reading the manual!
She makes a wonderful curry, but tends to get distracted at gigs (she's nosey).
Please don't let her know I said that.
Listened to your stuff, nice music.

Regarding the recording:

It's a bit over-driven. Use the level control and especially the mic gain switch to make sure that your music comes about 3/4 of the way up the scale when recording the loudest sounds, you can always turn it up using Audacity or some such but you can't turn it down if it's distorted. Stand where you are going to put the Zoom and make a right-angle with your hands and see if the band fits within lines extended from your fingers. If it does then use the front/rear buttons to set the correct microphone configuration of 90 degrees otherwise use the 120 degrees config. Don't use wider than you have to and make sure you place the Zoom the correct way round for the angle you are using.

If there is, say, a bass speaker that is going to overwhelm the recording then try angling the Zoom such that the speaker is on the periphery of your recording angle and it won't be so prominent.

One last thing...unless you trust everyone, have a minder by your Zoom, they are very nickable!

Trial and error, errors first, then it won't be a trial. Good luck

Hi John,

Had my head down trying to keep my job due to cuts (Civil Servant with COI). Not gigged recently though have one this Thursday at a new venue and a party at a posh Chichester school on the 10th. Hopefully get better recordings.
Plus I kept my job!
Hey Col, thats good news, the job I mean. When the axe is raised it must be so stressful.
Good luck with the two gigs, and fingers crossed for more.

Did you get any luck from the wedding thing?
A very good friend, Christine, runs a thriving wedding shop at Park Gate, called "Cloud Nine". I asked her if she'd take some business cards for you, and give them to customers. she said "no problem". So if you'r down that way, drop in and leave some cards. Or you could post them (a C.D. would be a good idea too). If you do that, let me know and I will warn her to expect them. She is a very helpful, genuine person.

Will send a couple of songs through from a young lady called Aurora, at a club in Alicante. My volume isn't high enough, my sound engineer didn't give me the correct signal. - Wives what would we do without them.


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