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First ever recording!

That's a brave way to introduce yourself. Well done! Sounds as if you're making good progress, how long have you been playing?

Would be great if you'd introduce yourself in the doorbell forum!
thanks for sharing and well done, not bad at all for someone just starting out, you will soon be playing Giant steps :).Stick at it and never doubt yourself.


Man that's a fantastic start, good on you for having the cojones to let us hear your first works. Now, as Kev said, you need to go to the doorbell section and tell us all about yourself. We're a nosey bunch so we need to know all about you. (We'll give you a right proper welcome too)
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Hi Steve

A great way to start,sounded fine to me,obviously a very brave first attempt but it certainly had a lot going for it,and far better than I have managed to post which is nothing so far and I've been at it 3.5 years now.Looking forward to hearing you improve and I'm sure you will very quickly.

All the best...john
That is fantastic, well done! That's really good after only 2 months. Keep it up. Again braver than me, although I have been thinking of posting something but haven't got round to doing it yet.
Wish I was that good, and I've been at it for a couple of years...
I think good for two months too. I remember this one from me own starting out books.
Good luck

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