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First ep


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Very nice Jake. I liked the 2nd and last tracks best. I also thought they were the most Accessible/Commercial. When I was on the road gigging with my band in the 80/90`s We always found that apart from covers the most successful stuff we did was definitely "aimed at the feet". This Ep has a nice mix of listenable-dancy stuff.

I don`t envy your job trying carve a niche in the so called music biz of today but I think that if you keep your band format strong and introduce as many guest vocalists as you can then perhaps you may "strike it lucky".

The other thing I think would also consider would be having a Guitarist in your lineup. Someone who could give you a funk vibe and also a little blues or jazz input in the songwriting dept.

you`d have to change the name of the group of course>:)


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Thanks for that Jake. Very nice feel throughout the EP, nicely recorded and put together. Best of luck with it.


Hey guys, this is my bands first EP. You can stream it or download it for free right here. Let me know what you think! Thanks
Hi Jake,
Very Very Good, a good mix very well played by all Musician's. A pleasure to hear such musical skills by such young guy's.
You should be very proud of yourselves, and the very best of luck to you all.
Regards Rob.


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Have finally had a proper chance to listen to this. Really nice! Hope it goes well for you. Some good advice from Clivey!


Hey Jake,

Had a listen to most of the tracks, the production quality is superb along with the playing. Refreshing is the word to describe this music.. Personally I loved what I heard.. In earlier posts I noted suggestions on maybe getting in a guitarist ? do you want to change your vibe? I wouldn't, but that's just my opinion! Guest vocals may be a good idea for commercial success, just watch out, some can be Divas! maybe it's just from my experiences :) All round I thought this music was superb. I'm very jealous of the saxophone chops!! Thank you for sharing this with us. Inspiring...


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Downloaded earlier in the week, just got a chance to listen now.

Really, really impressed: "Blackbird" playing as I type - just superb.

May you go from strength to strength - you deserve to!
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