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first attempt at recording


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Hi there elcheeposax, (love the name by the way, but are you going to have to change it to "costaloadawonga" when you buy a pro horn?)
I struggled to hear the clarinet through the effects that you used. I'm not sure how you did it, but try importing the backing track into the first channel of Magic music maker then record the clarinet onto a second channel. If you use headphones whilst you record, you should be able to hear the backing track in your phones whilst you record only the clarinet. Then add some reverb to the clarinet track (the backing track should sound ok as it is) You should then get a pleasing sound when you mix the two together.
I hope this helps, well done for having a go.

I know that makes sense to me......

Wade Cornell

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The overall sound is pleasing, but it's hard to even recognize what the instrumet is your playing. Reverb can give a nice effect (as it does here) but it's also a place to hide and cover up problems. Hard to know your intentions. If it's to present a pleasant sounding piece I think you've done well.


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Thanks for you comments Taz, guess I just lost it with the effects, have been messing too much, like a kid in a toy shop had to try everything. I did in fact put the backing track on track 1 and then recorded along on track 2, the microphone is so basic so some effect was needed but I think I went overboard. I have tinkled with various other effects that don't shade the sound of the clarinet, also trying the sax. I will probably have to invest in a better mic. thinking of the Blue Yeti seems to have good reviews, and does not costaloadawonga ha ha good one.

Thanks again

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