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Finally thought of a good notation system for filing my blues backing track MP3s


At first I had them sorted into folders by key and style and found it was completely useless because more often than not I was looking for a particular blues chord progression to practice with. So last weekend I came up with this notation system for blues progressions that also works for Windows folder names. The key and speed matters little since the AmazingSlowDowner software can easily adjust that. The doubled numbers mean 2 chords per measure.


1-1-1-1 = 4-4-1-1 = 2-5-1-1
1-1-1-1 = 4-4-1-1 = 5-4-1-1
1-1-1-1 = 4-4-1-1 = 5-4-1-5
1-1-1-1 = 4-4-1-1 = 5-4-1-15 (i.e. a half bar of I and V in the final measure)
1-1-1-1 = 4-4-1-1 = 5-5-1-1
1-4-1-1 = 4-4-1-6 = 2-5-1-5
1-4-1-1 = 4-4-1-6 = 2-5-16-25
1-4-1-1 = 4-4-1-36 = 2-5-16-25
1-4-1-1 = 4-5b-1-6 = 2-5-16-25
1-4-1-1 = 4-5b-3-6 = 2-5-16-25

For example [1-4-1-1 = 4-5b-3-6 = 2-5-16-25] is this:

| I | IV | I | I |
| IV | Vb dim | iii | VI |
| ii | V | I VI | ii V|

My blues tracks be orderly at last!

Sweet Dreamer

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AmazingSlowDowner software?

That will adjust for both key and speed? Can you adjust both independently? Or does the key change depend on the speed it plays?

Also, can this software speed tracks up? And where can I find it?

I have a bunch of backing tracks that came with a blues guitar book I bought. But they are all dreadfully slow. They must have figured that only raw beginners would be playing with these tracks. I'd actually like to speed them up a bit. And it would be nice if I could do that without changing the key. Although even if the key changed I guess that would ok. They're just way to slow to even be useful unless I want to play some really SLOW blues. I prefer something a little more upbeat.


AmazingSlowDowner software?

That will adjust for both key and speed? Can you adjust both independently? .

Yes SD. Pitch +-12 semitones or in 1 cent increments and speed 20% to 200% instantly. You can loop the entire track. You can also set begin/end points and loop for transcribing. Its a wonderful program.
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