Finally recorded Sax...

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Well this was last night and I put the recorder on my stand so balance is definitely interesting.
Pink Panther-well of course when I stand up to solo, recorder definitely close!!! Panther.wav
Dream- got lost but who knows:w00t: Love the trombone solo by Jen Yve . Couldn't really hear the singer Mary
Tonight- I like this arrangement.
Last one Moonglow of course clarinet again!!!! took it up the octave as I couldn't get near a mic. but anyway it is what it is..
Love playing in this band, but I think this is enough till I get a better sounding setup.
PS. You sort of have to wait till dropbox recognizes the songs.
tried the links but not working for me yet, will try again tomorrow :)
Links are working now, but take ages to download - they're 40-60MB. Would be better in MP3 format. My XP machine wouldn't play them direct, but did in realplayer once I'd downloaded them.

Rather liked them!No holding back, post some more please. & Thanks!!!!
these clips are superb, and so is your playing, makes me realise just how far I have to go yet . Looking forward to hearing more :)

Thanks Saxman ...

I agree with Flipp - Real nice mate ... :welldone
Links are working now, but take ages to download - they're 40-60MB. Would be better in MP3 format.

Thanks for telling me! :shocked:

I'm on dial-up. I'm not go anywhere near these!

I don't even try to download anything over 10MB at the max. And most music mp3 files are typically only between 2MB to about 5MB. I don't mind downloading a couple MB, even that takes quite a bit of time. But 40-60 MB would be an all-day download.

Best left for people who have high speed Internet access. ;}
Okay All: These are now in mp3 format (as I should have done in the 1st place!!!) you might have to wait a little till dropbox sees them, that's if you want to download.... Thanks again for all comments it helps an old senior!!! get it right, in the end!;}
Here we go:
Pink Panther- Panther.mp3
Pussy Willow- I'm the clarinet.... Willow.mp3
Tonight- as mentioned love trombone sound
Moonglow- clarinet again!!!
Dream- I like the obbligato part I'm playing though I did sort of get lost!

The others at beginning of this thread are now deleted!!!:mrcool
That's better. :welldone

Ok, I listed to the Pink Panther so far. Nice sax in that.

I might take a listen to the clarinet piece too. I play clarinet a little bit also so it's nice to hear what other people are doing on the clarinet.
Love it...especially tenor solo in Pink that out of your head, or written?

Finally got back to site, sorry it took so long. It is the written solo.... though usually I get totally lost so from then on it is me......
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