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I use Finale (free version, not sure if there's a paid upgrade) and whilst it's great I find it really annoying that it just fits the bars to a page, rather than keeping to a constant layout (4 bars per line for example)

It makes reading phrases bloomin' awkward when it's not laid out in a logical fashion on the paper. For example, if you've got a bar with loads of quavers, it'll physically display that bar quite long (to fit them all in) but then a bars rest, or a semibreve, will be short simply because the notation doesn't take up much space.

So you end up with 3 bars on one line, then perhaps 7 on the next, then 5, and the structure of the music is all over the place. And if, because of that, the last bar is on it's own it stretches that bar, plus the notation, across the whole sheet!

Am I doing something wrong, do I need to pay for an upgrade, or is there something better out there?


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Have Finale PrintMusic, which has the ability in the Utilities Menu to set four or something sensible, measures, their term for bars per line.
Bought mine from JazzWise.

Linky Lee

I've used finale before and have been really annoyed by this as well.

I know you can set the software so that it doesn't do this but I can't remember if it's only in the full version or the trial (had trial at home, full at school).

Have you tried using the help menu or googling the problem?
Also going through the different menu options you may find some presentation features which allows you to do it.
Sorry I can't help more I no longer have the software.


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Had a look, fairly simple and yes, you can set the bars per line, but can you print it? I just get a screenshot.


Yes, certainly. Not sure of the procedure without going onto it but I had no problem with it. Another useful feature is that you can save your work and email others the link to it so that they can look at it and print copies. With Finale, you need to have the software to view it.

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