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Ferlings studies


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Does anyone have a copy of Ferlings Studies for Sax?

I am looking for pieces for bari sax duos (that's 2 bari saxes!) and came across this (they don't get going until about a minute in!):

Apparently it's a Rondo from the first duet in the book, but since I don't have the book, I'd like to check that it's in there before I buy.

Also, I've noticed that there seems to be different variations of the book.

I think this must have been the original,
but what about this:
or this:

any help gratefully received.
Confused of Malvern :confused: :crying:
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The 48 studies in op. 31 are all for a single saxophone, two in each key, one fast, one slow. But the edition published by Southern Music Company, for example, has some other material attached, including some duos. I don't have that edition, so I can't comment on the origin of the rondo.

I just noticed that the cover page of the SMC edition mentions 3 duos concertants for 2 Oboes or 2 Saxophones by Ferling. Maybe that's where the rondo came from.
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