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Feeling Sound Survey


If you have 20 minutes to spare, this is an interesting survey about sound and how we engage with music. I read about it in the ISM journal where they were talking about how we feel different pitches in different parts of the body, and how this information could possibly by used to understand performance. The survey can be done by anybody, whether they have perfect pitch or are tone deaf!
I'm impressed with your score Ian. I found it quit hard to "feel" the sound. My scores were:-

lab 3 50%
lab 4 50%
lab 5 50%
lab 7 75%

It'll be interesting to see every one's scores. Not that I understand them :confused:
I'm feeling particularly un-musical tonight after struggling in band practice so maybe I shouldn't have taken the test!

But here are my results for what they are worth:

Lab 3: 50%
Lab 4: 50%
Lab 5: 50%
Lab 7: 75%
These were my scores but I don't think there were enough tests to show anything meaningful! And although you weren't meant to hum the note, I couldn't get it out of my head after they played it 3 times. So was that cheating?

lab 3 100%
lab 4 100%
lab 5 100%
lab 7 50%
I think the purpose of playing it 3 times is just that...to get it 'in your head'!
I got 75% on every one of them,using my cr@ppy PC speakers .....wonder what it means? :)
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