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Feeling Good


I just have to tell someone (everyone) how pleased I am feeling with myself after adjusting the mechanism on my ‘The Martin’ tenor.

Bottom B flat had been a bit hit or miss. Looking closely at the linkages I noticed that one of the pads that should be firmly closed for all low notes, was lifting imperceptibly due to a piece of felt in the linkage being too compressed. No problem I thought, and promptly replaced the offending piece of felt.

Tried the instrument and NONE of the low notes would work AT ALL! I had that sinking feeling in my stomach. What had I done?

Closer inspection identified how my one minor adjustment had upset another interconnected linkage. So I had to replace a little bit of cork and trim it to the appropriate thickness, to make things right.

Tried the instrument and WOW...clear, easily blown low notes...all of them! But wait a minute, what was that new vibration?

I tracked it down to the register key, right up on the neck, which somehow was now picking up a new vibration from the more powerful, clearer low notes.

So I took it off, bent the leaf spring slightly, increasing the holding down pressure a bit, and reassembled.

Now it blows more beautifully than ever and I’m feeling good!

old git

Tremendous Bore
Must remember to pull the rope tight at the correct time and get the right motorcyclist this time. ;}


Yes, a very satisfying feeling.
It also gives one confidence to tackle other minor snags (without getting carried away, of course).

Then one day you find a poor old saxophone that is crying out for attention, and whoops, you've got your first re-build on your hands.
Great fun and extremely gratifying. Makes it a very personal instrument too.

Pee Dee

Well done! Elastic bands come in useful too, make sure you use the right colour though, I find blue ones best;}
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