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Saxophones fairfield saxophone????

Phil Edwards

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East Sussex
Hi Mick, I've never heard of them. Suspect it's a badged cheapie, but might be wrong. Got a chance to play it? If so give it a blow and see what you think.



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Must disassociate the Croydon and Sarf Lundun Massive from this brand, despite the Fairfield Halls, Croydon being within our sphere of influence and Fairfield, Kingston upon Thames being within our manor.

I was born in Fairfield. That's Fairfield, Stockton on Tees.

old git

Tremendous Bore
For a moment I thought you'd been rumbled Bill. Wasn't that the name you stuck on those dodgy ones you flogged down Croydon market?
Sufficient time has passed to admit a certain licence in the operation of our Surrey Street Market saxophone emporium, well stall really. YC's suggested that we use the local tattooist to engrave naked ladies on the chrome plated tin imports. We might have enjoyed more success if he'd checked the ink-man's spelling ability and saxophone knowledge first.

Conn has two 'n's and 'Chew' is not the normal spelling of Mr. Berry's signature. We did try to alter it to 'Chuck' but somehow, the enthusiasm had departed.

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