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SOLD F.X.Hüller Vintage "Varsity" Tenor Saxophone - Ready to Play

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A vintage F.X.Hüller "Varsity" Tenor stencil, overhauled a few months ago by Paul Carrington.

FULL PHOTOS (23) HERE: F.X.Hüller Varsity Tenor

I recorded a tune so you can hear how it sounds (Yamaha 6C & LaVoz medium reed). Have a listen to it here:
(No, I'm not a Pro player!)

Research tells me this is an early 2nd period F.X.Hüller, similar to their Champion model but without the G-triller key. Made in Kraslice, Czechoslovakia, between 1935-1938.
1935 was when FXH switched from opposing bell designs, and 1938 was when Kraslice was confiiscated by Hitler, integrated into the German Reich and called Graslitz again, as it had been before the first world war when Graslitz belonged to the Hungarian and Austrian part of Bohemia. Varsity stencils were made by FXH for the English market.
The saxophone department was established by Max Keilwerth in 1923.

Info from:
http://www.fxhuller.com/periode2.php (scroll down there to first line of photos, showing the same model)
and: http://www.fxhuller.com/bio.php

It has rolled tone holes, a vintage patina, and a couple of tiny dings. Comes in scrappy but solid vintage Alex Burns hard case (see photos).
The serial number 5546 is what F.X.Hüller call a "deviant" number meaning it doesn't follow the FXH numbers on horns made for their domestic market.

Paul did the following work...

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 15.57.35.png

Playing perfectly now, as you'd expect, it's still a vintage horn and takes a little getting used to ergonomically speaking so don't expect it to be like a modern Yamaha.
I really like the tone, even with me playing it, but I have... ehem... a few other vintage and modern tenors to play with so I'm moving this one on.

This piece of history can be yours for £395 collected or plus insured courier at £25.

NB. Item may be advertised and sold elsewhere without notice.

I agree to the rules
I bought it.
Don’t think it would’ve been the best horn to learn with.
Try to find a modern one, with modern ergonomics.
I started in May, I bought a Gear4Music Tenor off eBay. I think it’s a Yanagizawa copy. So easy to learn fingerings & it sits comfortably on the sling.
Not so easy to find the extremes of the range, tho.
If you can find a Yamaha that plays, within you budget, that’s the one to go for.
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