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F/S - Vito Beaugnier Baritone SN 208XX


Well-Known Member
the Netherlands
For Sale a Vito Beaugnier Baritone from the '70 (I guessed that from the limited information on SN/Year of production available on the Doctorsax site).

Asking price is 850€, as is ,+ shipping but I will explain........ I can ship it but it would be too expensive because a horn this large can only be sent via courier, not the post service.....and it will be very,perhaps you can come to pick it up?

From England , these days (if you compare it to post or courier shipping fees) the best thing is to hop on a Bus and come to Amsterdam for the day or the week end and hop on the bus back to securely and relatively cheaply, bring back a Baritone home!. You can travel for as little as 50£ return!


I will donate 100€ to Pete's good causes if I sell it through this site (I won't if I sell it through another site!)

Payment via Paypal.

The horn Is playable as it is now and plays from top to bottom but it would need a overhaul during which the curl and the bell will be also better aligned than they are now.

It has a bad looking and a little smelly case which will be capable to hold it securely for shipping.

I can have this horn overhauled over here by a competent technician for an extra 350€ (this is the cost of the overhaul !) with a choice of pads with metal or plastic boosters.

For another 250€ (this is also at mere cost) I can find a new Protec case which will better serve the purpose of carrying the horn should you decide to have it overhauled here otherwise the old case will suffice.

These are big and detailed pictures, click several times on each thumbnail in order to expand to maximum size , they are 2000 px wide so rather big! If you don't see them that wide you haven't expanded them enough.......

What else shall I say, it is a nice baritone, plays very easily and has a very modern mechanichs comparable to a Selmer , it has this interesting low C arrangement which comprises two keys. The horn was made by Beaugnier but it was sold, beside to Vito Leblanc, also to SML.


Hi Milandro,

Interesting ! Sent you a PM.

PM has been replied and.............. the baritone is still on offer :) thanks for asking anyway lads!
I've just discovered that there is the same type of baritone on sale on British ebay for a considerable amount more than mine......
if I had the money..... but I don';t. Hope it sells easily to a good home!
Not Adlphe himself?
I've received two PM's concerning the sale of this baritone, perhaps I have to say it again, the Baritone has been sold outside of this forum to a Belgian Ska player. Thanks anyway! :)
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