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F/S Kelwerth Toneking Angel’s wing Alto 285XX


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the Netherlands
this is a Kelwerth Toneking with an Angel’s wing Alto saxophone , with rolled toneholes, SN 285XX, probably made in 1957 . This horn is fairly rare on account of it being lacquered instead of being nickel or silver plated. I may add that it is in exceptionally good state and has the original neck-plug.

Indeed those nickel or silver plated ones had, more often than, not a lucite Angel’s wing, while this has a lacquered one (same colour as the horn) and was its original one and isn’t a replacement.

The horn has been refurbished almost one year ago (it has the receipt, I paid 250€ for it’s refurbishment ) by Tim Brennan a local technician in Haarlem (the Netherlands) and has Rigotti pads with metal domed resonators.

It has hardly being played since.

It ships, from the Netherlands, in a very lightweight but secure enough contour case (not original).

I am seeking 800€ , that includes 35€ to the fund and paypal fees and insured shipping.

Shame I am on the market for a tenor. less than €800 is quite a bargain.
ok, let’s see if I can tempt someone with an offer that they cannot refuse

550 euro + 50 uro shipping (600 euro total) , includes paypal and 30 euro donation to the funds.

The horn has been repadded almost one year ago (I am including the bill) and never really played , might need some small adjustment.

My hearth is bleeding and I am loosing on this, big time, but I have to let this go.

no trades unless you have a bass clarinet :)
These saxes are great. If it was a tenor I would buy it! I already have some Keilwerths, but not with this keygaurd.

Keep it!

well, I have too many horns for my ow good, so it is not that I I sell this I won’t have anything else to play (with>:) ) and I can use the money for nice things..........I would also like to sell the Vito Leblanc Model 35......... even at a loss:shocked:
I am the lucky buyer who snapped up this horn. Milandro was great to deal with and I would whole heartedly recommend dealing with him. It's a surprisingly lively horn, brighter than I expected but flexible and very loud!

Happy buyer here.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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