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SOLD F/S HL Sax The Warrior (patinated) Alto with 2X necks & Protec case


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the Netherlands
I am selling my alto. I am primarily playing tenor and soprano these days (and I am planning to reduce my playing time because of some hands problems) and alto has been mostly left unplayed lately.

For sale, shipping from the Netherlands, this Taiwanese HL SAX. The sax has rolled toneholes.

If you are not familiar with this brand is because they mostly produce for other brands and this saxophone is almost identical to the LA sax “ The warrior” minus the big “ Lip” or bell and with brass not patinated Keywork, a bit like Inderbinen

The same company which makes these in Taiwan for LA SAX produced this one with normal bell. I got this one from its maker Mr. Frankie Yang in 2011 at the Frankfurt Musikmesse trade fair ( this is a special model and indeed had the date 1978 engraved on it which was the year when Mr. Yang started making saxophones).

The horn comes with two necks, one in the warrior patina and the other in red brass. I have also replaced the case with this Protec Contour, the case is as good as new, the horn has seen some use but not very much.

Everything works fine, the only thing is a sticky G# which, If I had kept this horn I would have repadded with a Roo pad. I have replaced a side octave key with a white Roo pad by the way.

What shall I say, the horn has a beautiful dark and deep voice. If you like Taiwanese horns this is a great buy.

As usual you kan buy this horn for 750€ ( 37,50€ to the charity) for personal collection in the Netherlands.

If you wish this to be sent to you I will need to have another 100€ to cover shipping, insurance and paypal costs

I have played this horn, this is an absolutely stunning instrument. When I was at Frankfurt a compamy the wanted to fing Taiwanese instruments to import and brand was asking me to testplay horns form the various diffeent factories and trading companies. This was the one I recommended out of them all.

I'm very tempted myself (if I hadn't just bough a Grassi tenor)
Looks great Milandro and after pete`s comments could be a bargain "sleeper" horn which would give TJ SRs, Cannonballs, Mauriats and other expensive hot-rodded Taiwans a run for their money
Thanks Ads.

This horn, if you pardon me blowing my horn :rofl: , in the hands of the right person ( perhaps not me then ;)) would run circles around anything out there.
Thanks Ads.

This horn, if you pardon me blowing my horn :rofl: , in the hands of the right person ( perhaps not me then ;)) would run circles around anything out there.

Ok, I have to blow my own horn then!

Yet, despite Pete’s kind words this horn is still here, it really is a blooming shame because, this was my personal horn and it is an unique one.
It looks a lovely sax (to my eyes at least) but it's difficult to find any information about it. Do you have any links?
No, there isn’t any to be found on line anymore. HL sax as a brand no longer exists.

The company was owned by a friend of mine and her business partner. He owned the name.

They parted ways, when this happened the name HL SAX was no longer used for making saxophones.

She kept on producing saxophones but with other partners.

HL SAX have provided LA SAX with their BIG LIP models.

I was actually the person who gave the ones with the dark finish the name “ Warrior” .

A member here Mr.Nick Wyver actually owns another very special HL SAX a so called Diamond Model.

Pete Thomas has played this very horn.
I am lowering the price of this horn.

I WAS asking 750€ + 100€ for shipping and all sorts of cost.


Bear in mind that this comes wit a brand new protec contour and that that one alone costs more than 125€.

Anyway, I NOW offer this for 750€ which would include the promised commission to the cafe charity (37,50€) and I would ship, insure and pay the paypal charges myself.

These saxophones, when they were sold under several different brand names sold for 1300€, with one neck alone nd without the Protec case.

If you don’t mind me saying this, this is a great deal and this saxophone will come to you at a lower cost than a Yamaha 275 but will offer so much more in terms of sound.
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