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SOLD : F/S Buffet rosewood ring key piccolo


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the Netherlands
This is a rosewood piccolo flute by Buffet Crampon with the serial number 475 (M or N?)

Buffet was unable to tell me when this instrument was made or anything about it.
M guess is that the instrument was made in the second decade of the 20th century base don the fact that earlier instruments are also clearly older looking (and not so well preserved !) as this one. There are no cracks anywhere!

It could have been made in 1899 and was one of the 95 flutes (so not only piccolos) made between February 1899 and January 1900 but if the letter is an N this was made between 1912 and 1926

Apparently the clue is in the letters before or after the SN.

L 1885-1895, M 1896-1911, N 1912-1926

This information was given to me by Mr. Denis Watel of the French association of the woodwind and brass instruments collectors

It is almost 31,5 cm from end to end of the wooden part not including the metal tip of the crown and 26 cm from the middle of the blowing hole to the end.

It is really Beautifully made (for small fingers). There seems to be a tradition of French ring key piccolos since the most I have found on line were made by several French makers. Their condition is, in general, much worse than this one.

Mine comes in a wooden (teak?) carrying box which seems to have been made by some of the previous owners. The rosewood is very well preserved and has only some minor discolouration on the headjoint, opposite the blowhole where you put the flute on to your lips.

The pads were recently changed by the previous owner who restores flutes as a hobby.

I am selling this asking for 300€ (15€ to the charity) including shipping and paypal fees (only take paypal) shipping from the Netherlands.


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