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SOLD F/s Bb & Eb Karl Hammerschmidt Klingson Burgau German (Albert) System clarinets


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the Netherlands
After a brief attempt to come to terms with the Albert system I have decided that it is better for me to try not to confuse my mind with yet another finger system so I came to the decision to sell these instruments.

I prefer to be selling them together if at all possible (but I might be convinced to split the sale), besides finding a matching pair of these clarinets is not easy!

Karl Hammerschmidt klingson Burgau clarinets are still made and they are rather expensive when new.


They are of course, besides all the German players, particularly interesting for people who play “ traditional” Jazz like the New Orleans style or Klezmer music or Turkish music (even though they are not tuned in G many Turkish players prefer the Albert system.

The Eb has been overhauled not long ago and the Bb needs some new end corks but they both play. Naturally they might benefit by some adjustment but there is nothing major to be done.

No cracks! :thumb:

The cases are old but do their job.

I am seeking 500€ for these two horns or best offer. I am offering these on a couple of other places.

The price includes paypal fees, insured shipping, 25€ contribution to the fund, shipping from the Netherlands

I am willing to trade these two clarinets for a wooden plateau (closed keys) Böhm system clarinet in need of no repairs.. In that case, the person who gets these two beauties would have to donate 20£ to the fund and we would do the swap

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............... I will resist!
I think they are low pitch :) when I play them! (in the sense that they are not 457 HZ .......but I wouldn’t know if they are 440 or 442 Hz to me that is to close to tell, I have played saxophones in both these pitches with other instruments and nobody complained ........) . De Bb is dated 1975 ( and the Eb has no serial number but should be the same date), by that time they were all low pitch (440 or 442)
350€ + 25€ shipping ...........includes 17,50 to the fund and paypal fees and this is as low as I could possibly go for these TWO clarintets

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