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SOLD F/S 1973 Keilwerth Toneking IV tenor


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the Netherlands
This is a Nickel plated 1973 Keilwerth Toneking tenor series IV with straight toneholes.

These saxophones are really good and I’ve sold several of these before both in the tenor and alto variety.
This has a couple of insignificant shallow dings almost invisible in the pictures and has seen very moderate use for a 1973 horn.

The gold wash inside the bell is mostly gone and there is only very little loss of plating on some keys. It has old and mostly original pads. I can play it up and down but I will surely recommend an overhaul since there is a little play and certainly new pads wouldn’t go amiss here.

The horn comes with an old and a little musty case which needs being replaced but would be suitable for shipping if you buy the horn as is.

This is all reflected in the price.

I am asking 700€ this includes a 35€ donation to the charity of which I am very happy to say that I have been a proud and frequent supporter.

This is for the always preferred personal collection.

If you want to have this shipped you need to add another 100€, for shipping, insurance and paypal fees.

Although I don’t advise doing this (because a horn after shipment might, despite my very careful packing, always need being checked by a technician) , I could have it overhauled AT COST for another 300€ by a local technician here Tim Brennan in Haarlem, I will of course enclose his bill. Again this would be at cost, you need to pay this beforehand and it could take up to a month before the horn is ready for shipping.

If you have this overhauled PLEASE consider the need to find another newer case and that would also cost another €50.

It doesn’t make sense to use the old and smelly case after the overhaul.


Great saxes! Big sound and well built. If you want a good Rock 'n' Roll saxophone these saxes are perfect. I have a New King -68. Same tube/body but less advanced keyworks. Also tolerant with mpc's. Dukoff, BL, Rovner, ...... 700€ is good price for a sax like this. Maybe ..... I already have too many saxes.
Pleased to see it has the industry standard end bung, a champagne cork. Just like half my saxes.
Pleased to see it has the industry standard end bung, a champagne cork. Just like half my saxes.

With the added advantage of being able to double up as a de-warbler if you drop it in the Bell :D
Milandro please can you confirm if these are still for sale

Thank you

Thanks for the update

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