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Accessories Expanding Foam for case in U.K.

Yeah, we’re doing that on our next trip. Unfortunately it’s Ryanair who would charge you for oxygen if they could. I bet they find some way of grinding money from us but we’re booking an extra seat for the Bari. By the way, useful fact incoming, you can claim the tax back from the extra seat if it’s for a musical instrument.
...erm... so all this effort to inspire ideas about designing a case was pointless?
No, still going to have more gigs coming up and the case as it is now is worse than a soft case, The Bari isn’t supported properly and is banging around inside the case. The issue is that if we fly through a decent airline, The Bari will go on as overhead on the case so needs a lot better internal passing.
A work in progress. I call this photo The Cream Horn.
Pretty much there now. Took two cans of foam, a metre of stretchy velvet fabric and an enormous number of hot glue sticks but I’m happy-ish. Need to glue down the accessories compartment properly- or add some rather dandy gold braid. It’s a bit Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs at the moment.
Looking really good.

I have read the thread but didn't see whether this is a Berkeley case, a no-name case or something else. It would be interesting to know as I have a Berkeley that could do with being completely reworked like this.

It's the no-name case that came with the second-hand Weltklang stencil horn. The foam padding that came with it was about 1/2" soft foam and not fitted to the sax, so pretty much useless. The sax now doesn't 'rattle' when shaken so hopefully won't get bent, folded spindled or mutilated in transit. The next gigs abroad are a little while off so there's time to road test it first.
That looks just like the Berkeley - I think that later cases didn't have the name moulded in.

Probably made in the same factory. If you’re thinking of adapting yours, I’d say go for it. Got the lining material from a local material shop, seven quid for a metre and that’s just enough. To be honest, I could have reused the old material but it was a little bit smelly. Foam was ten pounds per can and rather than going to landfill, the case is good for another few years. Wouldn’t say it’s better than my good SKB case but smaller, lighter and cheaper.
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