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Excess spital problems


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Hi to all who may read this. I am wondering if anybody can help me with an excess spit problem I have with a new David Hite mouthpiece I have bought recently for my Alto Sax.
I had a student mouthpiece for years but didn't have much success with the tone on the high notes so thought a new mouthpiece would help. I had no problems with excess spit with the old mouthpiece. I am really pleased with the sound of the David Hite mouthpiece but I am experiencing problems with quiet long held notes because of the spit that seems to get stuck in-between the reed and the mouthpiece. I have to keep drawing it back in which is gross and interrupts my concentration.

I have a concert on Saturday and have a lot to play so please, if anybody has any ideas as to how I can stop this I would be extremely grateful. I am using a Rico Royal 2 reed.

Many thanks - much appreciated

Fraser Jarvis

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Sounds as if the table isn't completely flat allowing spit to penetrate between it and the reed, best to let a refacer take a look at it and flatten it if necasery.


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Assuming you haven't tried already, move the lig nearer the tip and tighten a bit more or a different lig if you've got one.


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Rings a bell that polishing the back of the reed helps, for instance by rubbing on a piece of writing paper on a flat surface, like a piece of glass.
Also if your saliva is more viscous it will tend to stick on the reed. You can try reducing sugar and dairy products, and drink water.
Your new mouthpiece has a different shape, you can try relaxing the embouchure and blow more through it rather than into it.
Also review your toungueing technique. Toungueing on the tip introduces saliva into the mouthpiece.

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