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Everything Saxophone: Introduction to Improvising w/ Large Intervals


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Brilliant stuff Ben.

There is allot of Woodshedding there. I came across similar materials at Cool School Video a few years ago by Howard Brown, he had a series of free improvisation articles on his site. Its all changed now, luckly I copied then with Audacity and have been working through them. He had one on large intervals, doing 4ths, fiths and sixths etc.

Joel Frahm gave a master class in Prague where he discussed this topic too, You can probably access it from David Valdez blog at It was a while ago July 2009. You can download the MP3 I think or maybe this was another Audacity job too!

There is so much great material and only a limited amount of time to practise....but that's all the fun eh!

Thanks for your blog. I'll keep an eye on it!

Cheers & Ciao
Sure thing, Tobes, I hope it helps. You might want to look at part 2 which I just put up. It tackles using large intervals over moving harmony.
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