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Everyone does it.

KISS sounds good Alun. Never heard Kiss sounding better. Must be hard work using all that makeup though>:)

Joking aside it sounds really good..

Thanks for the kind comment Chris. Like all improviserss I make up as I go.

Regards Alun
Nice job, Al, on a great tune. It's 9:02 0n a quiet, warm summer's night here. Your laid back version dovetails nicely with it.
Sounding great Al - I would have liked the sax a bit louder in the mix !
I enjoyed that.
I liked how you exploited the fat bottom end of your Bari.
I'd have liked the sax a little louder in the mix also.
Love all this Bari stuff that's getting going, nice rendition ......John
Yea i love gearing the bari on here.Wish i still had mine.Works sweet on this tune.Very down southern blues feel/sound.

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