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Mouthpieces Ever-ton MP


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Have any one try the Brazilian Mouthpieces Ever-Ton ?
I just see them on youtube they sound great but as we know a good player can make a horse ass sound good if he can hold it :)
Well I seen one for sale on a forum so I got it waiting for it to come now. Also is there any one on this forum that can sort out a pass around ? I see it so many times on forum but nothing ever comes of them.
It would be nice to see a pass around that gets of the ground.
I have a french resin Barkley Studio tenor mp from Brazil.Barkley is the othe brazilian mp maker.It's a great piece and for loud gig's it fly's.It's based on the Guardala studio and it's so,so light in weight.It really vibrates.Torn at the mo between my new RPC 115B hr and the Barkley,both great piece's.
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