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Evening Tui

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
This is another modal loop that the guitarist did on the fly and we improvised over it. Was recorded some time ago and I just re-mixed. The Tui is an iconic New Zealand bird that sings for hours each morning and evening. It's not exactly how the Tui sounds, but captures it's feel somewhat and his chirps that try to sound bright when he's actually had a long and tiring day. I often fell the same when trying to play sax after a long day. Played on a Yani nino with one of Joe's special mouthpieces and a clarinet fibracell 2 1/2 reed.
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I like it Wade. I always enjoy your work in spite of our differences in certain musical philosophy.
Always very interesting when we take our own
applicable device for emotion, such as a saxophone, and try to emulate
nature, as we hear it. But then again it doesn't matter what we play because no matter what we play
we're always exemplifying nature, which would be us in our natural habitat.

I'd suggest taking your horn and learning how to sing just like the Tui. Or, trying to record
the Tui and record right along with the Tui, it might make for interesting music between
two different species.

(side note)
Very odd that I would dream I was about to try out a nino just this morning and here is your recording.
In the dream I was involved with a saxophone camp, sort of, and everyone picked out their own sax type and when it got to me I was left with something along the lines of a contra bass clarinet, or something that resembled intricate plumbing. Any aspiring psychiatrist's out there or Freud fanatics? lol........I returned the horn where I got it and wandered into the nino realm of the dream.....Quite opposite ends of the spectrum. And please dispense from the typical response this dream may warrant! lol......

We may not always see eye to eye Wade, but we do bring about an aire of class with original approaches to music in this forum. We have a responsibility! lol............

Ozan Ayten

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Fantastic, i love the feel it gives. I would like to listen more of this tho, it was too short to fill my hunger,ha.


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Out in the Countryside of Nelson NZ
Nice one Wade,

The guitar really sets the scene, such a sweet mood & piece!
As a kiwi myself, the sound of the Tui is special, as are many of the NZ birds.
You captured the feeling of late afternoon, that bright, bright New Zealand light, the Kowhia, Kauri, Matai, Totara trees and the bush.
I've heard the real kiwi's calling in the Nelson back country around Adelaide Tarn, Golden Bay.

I'd love to capture the sound of the Kereru (the huge native wood pidgeon) and the song and flight of the Fantail and put in my interpretation with sax.
Perhaps one day I'll try too.
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Just caught up with this,its lush.Fantastic airy sound scape.Yous suit each other so well.


Big ruff Geordie bendy metal blower
I cant stop playing this,it haunts me but in a good way.Never wanted a nino but do now.Magical

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