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European online shop where i can buy some cork


vienna, austria
hi guys,

i am trying to find a sax shop (online) which sells cork as i need to re-cork my sax.

Also i'd like to know if there are different thickness for corks and if there is a view as to what those thickness may do to your sound?

Thanks guys
ps : what about grease? will any do or do you have a brand you swear by?
there are a few suppliers in Germany for sax and other woodwind bits, you'll need to do some googling:

reedshop (poor service but they have pad slicks, find them through
Sinus reeds/Rudolf Pflaumer. Obscure, but top quality hand made reeds. (run by one of the Keilwerth family). (Mike Duchstein), should keep you going for a bit.
Curt Altarac's music medic in the US is often faster than getting stuff from the UK. Watch for Zoll/Steur.

On the thickness, check the diameter of the tip to the neck, and the size of the hole in the mouthpiece, halve the difference, and add some on to allow for compression and sanding to size. But is the cork shot, or just compressed - if it's compressed, some gentle steaming will restore it to it's proper size - just hold it over the spout of a boiling kettle. Be careful.... Doesn't take long, and don't get steam on the neck if it's lacquered.
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