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Eureka! Low notes on tenor!


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Firstly, I have to thank Taz for his help and encouragement. He checked out my Amati tenor that I thought was malfunctioning and pronounced it A1. He suggested embouchure improvements on my part. A regime of long notes was prescribed by our esteemed member and it worked. During the long note excercises, I discovered that by opening my mouth cavity, the low notes appeared as if by magic: by closing my mouth cavity, the notes became an octave higher without the need for the octave key cor blimey. So for low notes, I have to pretend I have a golf ball in my gob. Thanks Taz, long may you keep rockin!
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Well done pimyo, it comes to us all eventually. By the way Taz doesn't have a golf ball in his gob, he always talks like that dontyaknow. Onward to altissimo then?


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Ha ha, my pleasure old chum, but I don't think it was down to me, it's just perseverance! Now get back to the practicing!
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