For Sale ESM Jazz #7* tenor saxophone mouthpiece - Vandoren Jumbo Java inspired!


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For sale an ESM (Ernst Schreiber Mouthpieces) “Jazz” #7* tenor saxophone mouthpiece.

Tip opening #7* = 2,67 mm = 0,105” = Otto Link #7*.

Ernst Schreiber is a German mouthpiece manufacturer.
He has two models for tenor: one suited for classical music (“Classic”) and one for jazz and contemporary music (“Jazz”).

The one I’m selling is the “Jazz” model.

It’s basically a mouthpiece inspired by the Vandoren “Jumbo Java”, I would say it's almost a copy… but completely CNC machined.
It delivers a fat sound, quite bright… but quite neutral.
It's pretty free blowing, easy to play and to control… good for jazz, contemporary music and street/marching bands.
I would also say that, being really easy to play, can be used by amateurs and newbies as well.

This exact model is the mouthpiece which comes with (German made) Keilwerth saxophones (stamped Keilwerth).

The mouthpiece is in like new conditions.
Pics: Tzadik

Price: EUR 72/USD 79/GBP 62 including shipping with international registered mail (tracked) and PayPal fees.

I can accept both bank transfer (in EU) and PayPal F&F: PayPal fees will be discounted from the price listed.

Shipping in Asia/Australia will be few 4/5 dollars more.

I'll be happy to donate a 5% to forum charity fund if I sell the mouthpiece through the forum
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