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Embraceable You with Strings

Mark Hancock

I did this recording a few months ago just after I got my recording setup. I think the tone came out pretty well for me - maybe the arrangement of the backing track is quite flattering. It's the Glenn Zottola Classic Standards With Strings. I had never tried this kind of backing track (orchestral, rather than jazz quartet) and it was a lot of fun to do.

I was aiming for a kind of laid back style, but i think I might have overstepped the mark a bit and ended with a slightly "can't be bothered" or lazy sound. But, I was pretty happy with it in the end really.

Embraceable You

Colin the Bear

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Lovely tone. Nice feel. No marks overstepped. You flatter the track.

I can hear you running out of ideas in places. This is full of great ideas. Let it wash over you and see how it influences you. ;)

Lester is the master of laid back.

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