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Listening while watching the football, looks like England will win 8 nil so far. But as I have said before Mike, I could be listening closely or while doing something else, and always enjoy your playing.


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Thank you Jeanette! That is very kind of you to say!
It has been fun to play again and I have a new-found inspiration
this time around. Who knows, maybe it will stick!

Go England! I assume you're rooting for England? lol....
Thank you James! I'm really happy that others are enjoying this wonderful hobby of mine!


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Totally agree - I also enjoy listening to you.

And who knew Chris was so talented? I must start paying closer attention to this forum!

Thanks so much Sue! Really, those are some very thoughtful expressions of kindness!
With my limited knowledge and others getting something out of it is truly pleasing.

Chris and I have developed a nice friendship over the course of approx. a year's time.
What I enjoy and respect about him is he doesn't let his ego interrupt the process.
The music takes on a transcendent aspect, as it should. He doesn't mind what I have in mind
which is to experiment all the time. He's highly tolerant! Where else would I find someone like that who is that accessible
to my sometimes ridiculous whims? I'm a musical lab rat and Chris is the scientist with his glass beakers of chords that he thoughtfully concocts for me.

I find it serendipitous that we were able to hook up in this capacity.

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