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SOLD Elkhart Tenor sax

Fraser Jarvis

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I've got a nice Elkhart tenor sax for sale, not sure what model but it says "By Vincent Bach International" on the side of the bell, apparently these are of Taiwanese manufacture so should be pretty good.

Just ran through it and it plays very well top to bottom with a nice thick tone and suprisingly good intonation.

No dents whatsoever, few minor scratches to the top/rear part of the bell but hardly noticeable, comes with a gineric mouthpiece and lig + a few reeds and a Yamaha strap, only bad point the case has a busted zip. £275 + £25 postage UK.

If it sells on here 5% goes to the Pete fund.


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Fraser Jarvis

Well-Known Member
Bargain alert!!
Well yes, that's what i would have thought, at the end of the day it ain't a lot of dosh for something that plays as well as this does....anyone interested is more than welcome to come and try it first..

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