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Elkhart SXB Baritone Sax


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Does anyone play one of the above? or ever played one?
Are they a good beginners baritone? We only have about £1700 to play with so are limited, but would like to get the best we can for our pennies.
Gear4music do one for £945. Steven Howard has good things to say about it on his website.

we already have the gear4music one, thanks. I was just wondering if the Elkhart was any better, if there were significant differences, or anything to worry about with the Elkhart, even?
If you can get the Yani at that price, it's a bargain...
The Elkhart is a student level sax and not the step up you want. A friend of mine bought a s/h Buffet 400 tenor in preference to a new Elkhart. The Buffet cost more but was miles better. If you can find a Buffet 400 that would be a step up. Be patient, and good luck.

thanks for that. It's really useful to know.
I may well have a look at what's available 2nd hand around that price instead. The final decision is not mine as it's a band purchase, so they'll need to OK the funds first. The Yani on ebay ends next Tuesday, which is probably before I can get a yay or nay out of the committee! but I'll take my time and keep looking.

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