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Elkhart series 2 alto - almost new condition


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
I have an Elkhart series 2 alto sax that has seen little or no use, the label on the back of the thumb rest remains! Therefore I'm offering this sax in almost new condition in its case with reeds, mouthpiece and strap, everything you need to get started or use as a back up horn etc.
I put my Selmer Metal m/piece on earlier and gave it a blast, all notes are there, crystal clear from top to bottom and it actually kicks out a pretty good sound!
The case is really smart, no marks etc.
So, a really suitable sax for someone.
Please PM for photos as I'm unsure how to attach them on here :-/
£300 and this cost includes posting by tracked delivery to anywhere in the UK

5% to the charity if it goes :) and I'd rather it sold thru here

Ok, I may have priced a bit over keen but the sax is pretty much new :) I've play tested it, it's a great saxophone for someone, maybe a beginner or somebody who would like a reliable back up sax. My final asking price would be £275 which includes posting to the UK
£275 for a very nearly new and respectable brand of sax can't be bad, and 5% donation to a good cause. I'd rather here than eBay with all their extortionate fees that don't go to any cause.
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