Elkhart (poss Blessing) Alto Sax Repair and Spares

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My wife used to play sax a while back and, out or the loft appeared an Elkhart Altosax.

It has no dent or scratches but does have some defects, the first being some corrosion anddark spots on the lacquer, I was wondering how I might best tackle these and whether brasso is suitable for such tasks?

Also, a couple the pearlescent keys covers have been lost with time and was wondering where I might acquire spares?

Ultimately, it isn't doing much in the lost so want to spruce it up before moving it on, just not sure if it will b cost effective and was wondering what they might be worth in an 'as is' and renovated condition.

Would appreciate any help, not a saxophonist myself, more of a keyboard guy.


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Generally don't do more than wipe it clean. A tech can easily replace the missing pearls and make sure it plays ok. Then you can sell it as checked/playing.


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I would advise against investing any money in this horn if you intend to sell it.

Also, don’t use brasso, which is way too aggressive a product.

I personally would leave it exactly as it is and sell it on for what it is. It isn’t worth much and will never be worth much no matter how much you will polish it.

If you want a more reasoned evaluation, do post some pictures.

Elkhart might be an early saxophone brand , Elkhart Band Instrument Company, that was later,1927, incorporated by Buescher and produced their instruments until 1958.

The value of these is depending on what type of model it was. In case it is a version of a Buescher model, they are generally worth less than their counterparts Buescher branded because Elkhart instruments were considered the second or student line by Buescher.

There are some modern Elkhart saxophones made in Asian (Taiwan and China) those are worth very little indeed.

The American made Elkhart normally say ELKHART Ind. USA. on the bell. There are many types of engravings, many featuring an ELK and an Heart :)


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Like Milandro says if it's a modern Elkhart it won't be worth much, but there are various models ranging from the 100,Series 2,and the Deluxe,I have owned a Series 2 and found it to be a very good horn but like you have said prone to spotting under the lacquer, but you can't do any thing about this leave it alone, the fact that it has lost some pearl touches points to its poor quality so may be an early 100, my Series 2 never lost any pearls,I would second milandro's advice and say just sell it as it is ......john


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