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Saxophones Elkhart 300 Soprano vs Bauhaus Walstein


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I've got an Elkhart 300 curved soprano sax. If I'm quick, I could get a Bauhaus Walstein curvy for a good price (brass, not bronze, not AI). I know it's a matter of personal taste, but does anyone have experience comparing the two?
What's wrong with your elkhart?
Does it hold its regulations?
Core sound?
Is it mouthpiece friendly?
What's the opinion of your tech about it?
What is that you miss with this one?

How does the BW compare with all these above?
I had a BW and it never seemed to play satisfactorily, even after going to the tech. Perhaps it was just a one off, but I couldn't get on with it. I now have an Elkhart 300 series after seeing it being recommended by a few folks on here. It's great, feels good and plays well. I tried it next to a 900 series yani sop and there wasn't that much difference to be honest.
I'm no expert on sop though so probably not the best person to give advice ;)
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