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SOLD Elkhart 300 series Curved Soprano


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North West UK
Well, it`s been nearly a year since I added Alto and Sop to the Tenor and the Alto has stuck but I`m finding I`m not picking up the Soprano much despite it being in the same key as the Tenor .. I only gig Tenor anyway so the others were for my own leisure and the Alto (in two humble horns) has won through so I`m offering up the Superb Elkhart 300 series Curvy here for sale ..

This Taiwanese made horn is IMO is that good that it`d take a Yani 901 to be a worthy upgrade in curvies, the whole horn is beautifully made and the action well balanced (more refined than the bronze Elkhart Deluxe Straight I had in build and action) and without the excess weight penalty the Chinese horns bring (not as light as a Yani but along that way) , it plays superbly from top to bottom with excellent intonation ..

Condition would be nearly mint if it weren`t for some Flux bleed under the Laquer at joints, and a few of the pillars (if you want detailed Photos Please PM me with your Email address) - believe me this makes no difference, I`ve seen Selmer SA80-IIs with worse , there are no dings and it`s not been repaired , just serviced when I got it .. it comes with the hard case , the now legendary Bari Esprit mouthpiece, a few reeds and a lig ..

A chance to not only get a series 300 Curvy but the actual one which helped revisit interest in higher end Elkharts full stop especially this model ..

Asking £250 - Courier an option (please PM for price) , paypal is too but at your expense - Sorry but UK and Europe only.. 5% to the Forum

Elkhart-Sop-CSax-1.JPG Elkhart-Sop-CSax-2.JPG Elkhart-Sop-CSax-C.JPG
This is still up for sale - I`m up for offers of course ..........

though selling horns on here seems like pulling teeth at the moment (a guy can't even give away a Cannonball big bell Stone Tenor !!)
Patience. Didn't that Bari sell after 18 months? It's a small community on here and mostly skint at the mo.
Annnnnnd still for sale .. Still up for close offers ...........
I'd love it but funds are required elsewhere. If it's still here in a couple of months I may have room on my overdraft.
Hokay ------ I`m going to drop this to £220 for a quick UK sale , I could do with the cash ..
Oh and @Jeanette - I didn`t put what it was for in the Paypal message thing , Sorry but you can go by my Email address and that there have been no others today
It's ok I've spotted it.

Thank you, very much appreciated, pleased you managed a sale :)

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