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I have read over some of the posts regarding electronic wind controllers but wonder if anyone has any up-to-date experience of what's left on the market? I seems that there are three main instruments: The Akai EWI USB, the Akai EWI4000s and the Yamaha WX5 although it looks like the Yamaha is no longer made. Has anyone experience of either of the first two? I know the difference technical difference between the two Akai's, one having on-board sounds, the other requiring USB but just how do they feel to play and what is the sound like (the EWIUSB comes with computer-based sounds)?

GAS tells me I need one, but which one?
I had a look at this a couple of years ago - after watching the Leonard Cohen London concert - and eventually decided not to buy. Priorities - not that I didn't want/need one!

My impression was that the Akai is the one to go for - seems to have more "patches" to add on - and, of the two, the more expensive is best - natch - if you're after a real instrument rather than a "student" model.

There's a lot of stuff on YouTube - as I'm sure you know. I found this site to be the most informative - - the first of a series of lessons/descriptions.

My walk away point was the necessity to lug a laptop to every gig - which if you have decent transport may not be a problem.
Have an Akai 4000s and a Yamaha WX7.

The sounds out of the Akai are ghastly but it does make a good MIDI controller. Keys are touch sensitive and an eight octave glissando is a possibility. Use Pete's samples in GarageBand which means they cannot be bent unlike MIDI tones and when the CaSLM steal a copy of BB3 will probably find exactly the same. Plugs into the B channel of the Yamaha 9000 Pro keyboard and works on the lot, although never tried to lay a drum track using the 4000s.

Not too keen on the WX as it has pivoted keys like a saxophone but made of plastic. If a kerfuffle breaks out on the stand, the Akai can be used as a club with very little risk of damage whereas I'd be frightened to sneeze near the Yammie.

The advantage of the EWI controller in MIDI or with fixed pitch samples is that brass and woodwind sound superior to the same being used on a keyboard, although that is probably my bad technique.

Now where did I put the Whiskey bottle?
Hi, I am actually selling my Ewi 4000, it is in the yard sale:

I think that they are potentially amazing instruments, but I simply don't have the time to spend playing it as well as my saxophones, which I am still learning to play. Also I am a complete technophobe!
The voices that it came with were pretty rubbish and so I bought the Patchman sounds which make a huge difference.
It feels like a quality instrument and seems to be well made, I bought the 4000 over the USB because, from what I understand, the sounds are on the instrument and it does not have to be connected to a computer in order to play, but you can also play it through a computer if you wish.
Sorry I may not have been very helpful to you but am happy to try to help if you have any questions :)
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I had a look at this a couple of years ago - after watching the Leonard Cohen London concert

Did the woodwind man use such a thing in the Lenny concert in London? I went to a concert in Canada around that time and thought, but can't be sure now, that he used real instruments.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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