Went to a workshop last night with Mike Parlett a british born musician who lives in LA.
He started off with a few tunes and then went onto various sax effects, growling, slap tongue, doodle tongue etc, i had been meaning to get round to a few effects to add a bit of spice to my playing but having read Petes site and bought a book, there is nothing like actually hearing somebody do it. We also improvised along to slow rider with everyone getting a chance to showoff and practice some of the techniques learnt during the evening. :w00t:
A really nice man and good teacher, i would suggest to all get out there and try these different workshops when they come up as there will always be something new to learn.
The only downside is i now know how much more i need to practice:(
How does everyone devise their time? I am finding the more i play the more i need to learn, scales, arpeggios, band stuff, overtones, effects, learning how to use BIAB etc.
Anyone got any good practice routines. I am pretty organised but still find that i could do with some more help. Phil


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sounds like a good night! I need to learn some of those techniques - trying to learn altissimo on your own is very difficult :( I'm in Essex too - is he doing anymore workshops?

If you find a good practice routine that doesn't take 5 hours to do everything ;} let me know :D

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