Eby's Scentific Method for Saxophone Complete Set.


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I have a complete set of the Eby's Scientific Method for Saxophone parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 including the fold out Fingering Chart Insert.

All in very good condition as they spent nearly all their years tucked away in a cupboard. they were purchased by the original owner with his Tenor Selmer in 1967. I am the 3rd custodian of these books. Part one has some notes in pencl from the first owners lessons.

Price: Looking for somwhere around AUD$160.00 for the set considering the condition for their age is extremely good.
I will donate 10% of whatever I get to the Cafe Fundraising account.
email me at open to offers


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This is a really great set of books. I had no4 when I was very young, and then lost it. Finally found a copy on ebay and it got some furious bidding and eventually went for about £30. I then found the whole set in one hardback book and got that. These are rare and sought after.

There are some images on one of my pages, from Mr Eby's chapter on the saxophone laugh:


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hey everyone, you are allowed to make an offer!
I am more interested in these books finding a good home where they can be appreciated rather than getting top dollar for them..

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