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Saxophones Eastman 652 '52nd Street' review

Helpful review.

To a reply comment above, FWIW I have serviced around a dozen Taiwanese Eastmans, the 640 (which was the precursor to this 652) and the 52nd St.

They were very impressive, actually. Tonally fantastic, good build. Tonehole evenness was not an issue I recall, nothing jumped out there as being dramatically poor or in need of major attention. Trust me, I went into them wanting to hate them....most of the time when I hear glowing owner reports of their new and (at the time) young-brand saxes, I am immediately skeptical. But they did good things in Taiwan on these.

The big Q since they moved to China (I cannot help but feel a strange, if not inappropriateness, then at least irony...of a Taiwanese company actually moving production to China, btw) whether the Chinese versions of their prior, quite successful and quite highly regarded Tawianese models...maintained both the quality of build and the quality of tone and response.

The review helps answer some of it's helpful, thanks.
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