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Brilliant... But you want me to learn to sing in tune too! There is only so much that can be done with my voice and none of it is pretty!


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In my beginning band classes to facilitate learning to read music I would have my students "say the names of notes as they fingered them" or "say and finger". The purpose of that exercise was to link in the student's minds the "symbol" it's name and how it is fingered on the instrument.

Once that became established we would move on to "sing and finger". The students would start with simpler melodies and exercises and sing the pitches on a "du" syllable in rhythm while fingering the notes. This was easy when the students had heard the tune before and were familiar with it. Gradually we would move on to new and unfamiliar melodies which were more challenging.

By the second year most of the students could do this and it became a great rehearsal tool. For example I would tell the woodwinds to quietly sing and finger their part while I rehearsed the brass and vice versa. The percussion could work on their rhythms by playing their part silently on their knee.
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