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Bilston, United Kingdom.
I just had delivery of my e-sax, found it online, new from a UK supplier for 250 including VAT far better than some prices I've seen.

First Impression, not as big and awkward as I had imagined, in fact not big at all, a little difficult to get a comfortable playing stance but OK eventually. heavy on the neck, but most importantly, soundproofing is brilliant, I cant imagine any but the most miserable of neighbors complaining now. It would be possible for my missus to have a conversation in the room while I am playing.

Well pleased :welldone
Glad to hear from someone who's bought one. I tried them in a shop a few months back but couldn't quite get myself to take the leap of faith. They certainly do reduce the sound level.
Good luck with it and keep us up to date with progress.
Here's a couple of photos, Not too bulky as you can see.. (The E-Sax, not me) :)))


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I gave one of those Silent Sax bags a try last year when I was checking out the E-sax. Didn't work for me at all. The back of you hands come into contact with the bag and it all felt very uncomfortable - it didn't attenuate to sound very much either. They do make quite nice soft carrier but not a good mute in my opinion.
Practicing time is very hard for me to find except in the evenings when the noise is a problem (as it is for many people) so I now just take the time at home I can but use a local rehearsal studio once a week - they charge me £10 for a hour (although I usually stretch that to 90 minutes) but I get good solid uninterrupted practise and access to a PA system which is useful for creating a 'stage environment'
I just got mine today -- the VAS-II Chinese version, for a good price second-hand on fleabay, although they're available now for £230, which is a lot cheaper than they used to be. It's great! :D Now I'll be able to play whenever I like, without complaints. It really works, and isn't heavy or bulky (although it does look silly!) This is going to vastly increase my practice time. I'm also well pleased! :welldone

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