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Duet required (sop/tenor?)


I'm looking for a piece to play at a concert in a couple of months, a duet for two same key saxes, probably tenor and soprano. Would prefer a tune that would be familiar to listeners (at least some of them anyway) intermediate level or lower (due to my partner being pushed for time to prep the piece.)
Would prefer if the music is available for free but certainly don't mind paying for a good piece.

Any suggestions are much appreciated, will consider classical, popular, jazz, swing, anything pretty much.
Just curious: as it's only "probably" tenor and sop, why the specification that it should be two same key saxes?

Sorry didn't spot your reply, my friend from band and I have just bought new soprano and tenor saxes respectively and we'd like to give them an outing together, we both play alto too but we just thought it would be nice to play our new instruments rather than our altos.
Thanks, :)
Have been searching around this morning and think I may have found what I'm after, it's a classical piece though, written for two altos but we may still try it with sop/tenor or just both play alto depending how it sounds when we try it.


That should be a pretty piece. It occurred to me that both the Rubank Intermediate Method and the Universal Method contain a range of duets for equal saxophones. They vary in length and difficulty, but the Rubank ones obviously are easier.

The Universal Method is available in PDF somewhere on Cafe Saxophone. I think Kevgermany posted it years ago.
Have a look at James Rae's Saxophone Duets and Blue Saxophone Duets. These books don't cost a lot and you can play them with two altos, two tenors, sop/tenor or sop/alto. Even if you don't find something for your concert you can still have a bit of fun with them.

I'd thought about getting the Blue Saxophone Duets book, if it's a good book then I probably will get it, they didn't have it in my local music shop and can't afford to buy music sight-unseen at the moment.

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