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Percussion Drum grades

Pete C

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Anyone know what the options for exam boards are to do drum grades? Something with some awareness of jazz would be good.

I know there is Trinity which appears to do a rock and pop option (not what I want) or "drum kit" which appears to be a classical approach. They also seem to do grades 1-8 and something called drum kit foundation, intermediate and advanced repertoire but I'm not sure if these relate to the grades or not.

There is also Rockschool again not what I'm interested in.

And ABRSM though again this seems more geared to classical percussion.
Thanks for the info guys. I have decided to look at the Trinity Guildhall grades. Even if I don't get around to doing any actual exams, I thought it would structure my practise. The books are easily available locally and there seems to be a few teachers around who are familiar with the syllabus too.

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