Drew Stansall is joining us at StaxofSax playday in Leicester


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Hi Folks

If you have seen the thread for our latest playdays, you may remember I said that we were looking to make the Leicester event a special one as it is our 1st anniversary. Well we are chuffed to announce that Drew Stansell :mrcool of the Specials and El Pussycats is joining us for a special slot.

He will be giving a demo and then running a workshop session. So not only will you get to hear a fantastic player live in a very small group but you will also be able to learn from him too Leicester and Market Deeping..

The full details are on the thread entitled Saxophone playdays in Leicester and Market Deeping.

Check out Drew's website and listen to him blow the horn then come and join us and see what you do too.

look forward to seeing you soon

I am really looking forward to these workshops and a fun day of saxophony



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Drew stansall Flyer

Here is the updated flyer promoting Drew session at the Leicester staxofsax workshop.

Drew Stansall

Come and join us with one of the Ska saxophone greats.


Just to add to what Dave said above, and for those of you who haven't yet heard Drew play, this event is definitely one not to be missed!!

Drew's playing really is as good as it gets, a fantastic improviser and musician and with a tone to die for!!! and a very nice guy who you'll find very approachable and always has time for a chat.

Anyway, off to practice as i don't want to get to blown away on the 17th Ha Ha...

B.T.W. if you read this Drew PLEASE dont turn up in the same shirt as me this time matey:shocked:
Whoops its Drew Stansall not Stansell, does anyone know how to edit the title so I can put this right.

Ok so whats the story about the shirts then Fraser? spill the beans.
Edit the Title ...

Whoops its Drew Stansall not Stansell, does anyone know how to edit the title so I can put this right.

Ok so whats the story about the shirts then Fraser? spill the beans.

Hey Hey mate ...

Go to your original post #1

Click Edit - then Go Advanced - you should be able to edit the title there Dave :)
Sorry but you might need to change it again, I think it's Stanstall.
Phew I am knackered (that's a musical term meaning pooped) We have had a busy and excellent day today, with 17 players (it should have been 18 but one had to miss due to work commitments) of all ages and abilities.

We started with a large group arrangement of Mamma Mia which was sounding pretty good after an hour. Followed by small group pieces ranging from Ave Verum to return to sender.
After lunch, Drew joined us and gave us a bit of background of how he starting playing and what his practice regime was to start with, yes loads of long tones and scales. This was good to hear and hopefully it will inspire people to stick with it and reap the benefits.
He then gave an introduction to improvising and got a group session working on 'green onions' which everyone enjoyed and finishing with a question and answer session.

We ended the day with another small group session including playing mission impossible.

There was loads of good music and laughter as we all had a good time and I think everyone has gone home with something to work on.

It was good to see some more new faces including 2 cafe members and also Dave for the yahoo saxophone group forum.

We will be running the next event during the October half term holidays and will confirm the date very soon.

Look forward to meeting some of you on the next

Pictures will be posted on the StaxofSax facebook page in the next day or 2.


Glad it went well Dave! sorry I missed it but work is just a nightmare at the moment, looking forward to the next one though, work permitting! :(
Thats no problem Jason, just sorry that work got in the way. The next one is the 19th of October and we have Nick Hislam joining us all being well. A good jazz man with a lovely sound and good teacher too.

Hopefully see you then


Is he any relation of Viv of the Bonzos?
I'm up for the 19th Dave, send through what you need to get me booked in!
Thats great Jason, I will send you the details shortly. I will start a new thread for the 19th I think.

See you soon

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