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I've been thinking of my dream saxophone lately, and love how it appears in my mind. I was wondering not only if it exists, but what others see as their dream horn. Mine is an Alto with a silver body and rose brass keys.
You can look after a 889 JS Jupiter!
It's very nice middle range saxophone!
Frosted nickel body, frosted silver crook, polished nickel keywork.

Goldplated and handburnished body and keys with silver touches (cluster, palmkeys, side keys and low C/D#). Neckpipe also silver. It's a 1961 The Martin Magna Tenor I'm thinking of!

I feel I cannot answer this question even though I've considered once or twice since I first reading the question. I've only played 3 different saxophones in my life, and I own 2 of those! From such a restricted view point I have no idea what is available that might be more desirable than what I have.

But how about a tenor that hasn't got a stuffy D and D#, but then again maybe those notes add a certain something to the tenor that if you took the stuffiness away it would not have the character of the tenor.
I would like a Sax made completely out of Titanium :)
Tenor sax made completely out of perspex with fibre optics built into the body to give brilliant displays of flashing lights while I play. I would probably use a Brilhart Tonalite (clear plastic) mouthpiece and a BARI (clear plastic) reed to add to the effect.

Just think of all the spit/condensation running down the inside !

Dreaming ... {That I can play them expertly} LMAO

My two Yani's [alto & tenor] are quite enough for me ...

Lubberly ... :w00t:

B .. BB ... BBBBut ....

I have bought myself a Chrome .... Suzuki SCX-48
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the last Suzuki I had had 2 cylinders.

My dream sax would make me play/sound like whoever I wanted to be at the time - Stan Getz/Lee Allen for instance. No more, no less...

Ah, A magic saxophone you mean.

I would like one of those as well but can I have the John Coltrane version please

I think I've just bought my dream sax. My Mauriat bari is proving to be a wonderful instrument. First of all, she has totally rekindled my love of the sax, any sax! Secondly I just can't put her down. I make every excuse under the sun just to get her out of her case and give her a quick toot, and thirdly we appear to be growing together. I'm practising for a couple of hours a day at the moment to try and get this "Dark Side of the Wall" gig sorted. The bari part in "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" is really quite easy and I'm enjoying playing it. The tenor part in "Us and Them" isn't too bad either, but "Money" is proving a little harder. The band have said that they don't need it note perfect so that gives me a bit of room for artistic license.
So there you have it, my dream sax is my reality sax, my Mauriat 302g bari.:mrcool

Sorry JTMaul, I forgot to welcome you to the cafe!
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Welcome to the cafe ...

Taz said quote ...
Sorry JTMaul, I forgot to welcome you to the cafe!
I never forgot mate ...

I just didn't want to wake you because you seemed to be in such a nice dream ...

but now you are awake JTMaul - What Ho!! .... lol :w00t:
I've already played my "Dream Saxophone"
It was a one peice copperbodied Rampone Soprano.
I tested it at earlier this year... Uhggg... the sound was effortless and incredibly peircing. Lightening fast too!
A dream sax should be able to sound like anyone you want to!
It has to be unlaquered tenor sax with a huge and sweet sound...Just like my Cannonball Mad Meg sounds!!! HEHE!!!FOUND IT!!!!


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