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Drake "Stubbie" #8 tenor saxophone mouthpiece!!!!


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Friulandia, Italy
Here for a sale a Drake "Stubbie" #8 (=0,110") tenor mouthpiece.
Date "05 12".
Serial "006".
Any one have drake stubbie?




This model is the lastest Aaron Drake creation.

Aaron Drake said:
This classic vintage design is modeled after the highly desirable “Stubbies” from the 1950’s. This mouthpiece features very deep undercutting on the side walls and a large chamber. Couple this with a medium high rollover baffle and a classic tapered window design, and you have the recipe for a killer piece! Wonderfully free blowing and brilliantly responsive from the bottom to the top of the horn.

I can it's similar to the earlier Dukoff Hollywood... it's definitely a dark sounding mouthpiece, with very spread and complex sound.
The resistance is medium-to-low...
The most exciting features of this mouthpiece is the "resonance". On the first minutes I tried this mouthpiece, it totally blown my mind.
It has so much resonance that it seems to hear two or three horns plays together (fortunately two or three horns that plays together, the same thing. in unison).

The mouthpiece is mint conditions... no scratches, no ding, no teeth marks nor ligature marks.

Photos: Virgilio Foto album

Price: EUR 480 (four hundred and eighty euros) including shipping with international registred mail (with tracking service). The mouthpiece comes in its box, with Rovner Light and cap.
I can offer trial period for people in Europe... if you can cover the shipping cost.
Currency conversion: XE Currency Converter - Live Rates

I'll be happy to donate 5% to the forum charity fund (if I sell them through this forum).

I think t's a good deal for people in Europe.
In Europe, this pieces is priced about €100 more than the price I'm selling this piece. This piece takes 3 to 5 weeks (plus shipping) to get delivered. (I can offer a trial period too)
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Unfortunately... I'm not interested in trades at moment, sorry.

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