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Drake "Son of Slant" #7 soprano saxophone mouthpiece



Friulandia, Italy
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For sale a nice Drake "Son of Slant" #7 (=0,065") soprano saxophone mouthpiece.
Date stamped: "09 16" (September 2016)
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As you can expect from the name, the "Son of Slant" soprano mouthpiece (as well as the "Son of Slant" tenor mouthpiece) is heavily inspired by the Otto Link "Slant Signature".
So it's a large chamber soprano mouthpiece (open chamber and open throat) with a fairly nice clamshell baffle.

It's a not a 1:1 copy… it's just a mouthpiece which reassembles all the good features of the original soprano "Slant Signature" Link in a modern smart version.
Compared to a good soprano "Slant Signature", on the Drake "Son of Slant" the baffle has been lowered down a little and the floor slope has been raised up and goes directly into the chamber (which is large!).
The side rails are scooped and wonderfully connected to the chamber.
Another difference that jumps out is that the angle between the mouthpiece table and the mouthpiece shank (to the neck): it is a little more "open", to allow a better position when you have the mouthpiece in mouth.
One thing hasn't been changed is the length of the windows which is quite short, just like on the original Slant Signature (shorter… compared to the modern small chamber designs)
This things helps to keep that typical "singing mids" of the Slant Signature design.

As almost every large chamber mouthpiece based (more or less) on a "Slant Signature" soprano Link, the mouthpiece sounds "medium dark", it doesn't have that kind of nasality (you generally have from most "small chamber" soprano pieces).
On many saxophones, this mouthpiece helps the intonation a lot because you may get the same pitch tendency you have with a standard alto/tenor mouthpiece (which generally have "open" chamber instead of a "tight" restriction on the chamber).

The tip opening is a medium tip opening, in the soprano mouthpieces tip opening range.
The soprano tip opening scales are really messy because, for example, on the Otto Link soprano tip opening scale (taken as reference) you don't have the common 0,005" jumps: Otto Link tip opening scales
Drake #7 = 0,065" = Otto Link #7 = but for many others manufacturers 0,065" = #6*.

The mouthpiece is in like new conditions.
Audio sample:

Price: EUR 240 including shipping with registered and tracked mail (delivered in business 4/5 days).
The mouthpiece comes with all its original packaging: ligature, cap, elegant Drake velvet pouch, box.

You save about a 30% over a new one!!!
The price is in EUR… in GBP is about GBP 208: XE: Convert EUR/GBP. Euro Member Countries to United Kingdom Pound

I'll be happy to donate a 5% to the forum charity fund… if I sell this through the forum.


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